What Next Generation Fighters Will Do

February 8, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

American President Barack Obama has requested $5 million in his budget to develop a 6th generation fighter plane. Patrick Tucker looked into what features it may have:

  • BAE systems has released some concepts for future planes, including one that can 3-D print replacement parts for itself mid-air, and another that can split up into multiple planes to carry out specialized tasks such as surveillance and battle in a war zone.
  • The air force may want lasers on the plane since lasers could theoretically be better and more cost effective at shooting down multiple small drones than conventional weapons.
  • The plane may also carry its own drones which it can deploy and act as a mother ship to.
  • There’s a chance the plane won’t have a human pilot. They’re heavy, make mistakes, and complicate plane design.
  • While the plane will be fast it won’t try to break speed records, since a warplane won’t realistically be able to outrun a missile. Instead any extra power could be used to drive the plethora of onboard sensors that are expected on the jet.

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Source: Defense One