The Road To The Presidency Requires Stops At Late Night Talk Shows

April 28, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Sarah Begley wrote about the role that late night talk shows play in helping candidates run for President:

  • Talk shows can help redeem a candidate in trouble. In 1988, after a speech by Bill Clinton fell flat, he appeared on the The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson with a saxophone. It rehabilitated his image and made people forget about the speech.
  • Talk shows can be a barometer of the political mood. In 2008 Obama was the target of jokes when his poll numbers were down. Then McCain called the economy fundamentally sound during a period of crisis. The comedians had a new target to aim jokes at the polls swung.
  • If a candidate doesn’t have a narrative around them, then talk show hosts will create one with their jokes. It’s better then to show up at a talk show and help guide the narrative.

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Source: Time