The Pizza Lobby

April 14, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Andrew Martin reported on a political lobbying group whose aim is to ensure that you get more pizza:

  • Fresh and frozen pizza makers have their own individual lobby groups…and they don’t coordinate or cooperate at all.
  • This is likely because chains such as Domino’s like to call the makers of frozen pizzas “the root of all evil”.
  • The fresh pizza lobby argues though that they don’t just represent big chains like Domino’s, but instead all the little small business pizzerias.
  • Chains such as McDonald’s and Olive Garden have caved and done things like offer calorie counts on menus or offer healthy sides.
  • Not the pizza lobby. They argue that things like calorie counts are unfair because pizzas are endlessly customizable.
  • They further note that calorie counts for an entire pie could be misleading if people only intend to have a slice or two.
  • And anyway most people just call to get their pizza delivered, without a menu in sight.
  • Republicans seem to be more sympathetic to these arguments than democrats.
  • In fact pizza chains overwhelmingly supported Mitt Romney for President in 2012 – even though the candidate was rumoured to pull the cheese off his pizza before eating it.

Read about the battle to get pizza to qualify as a vegetable, the future of the pizza lobby, and more over here.

Source: Bloomberg