The Odder Segments Of The Japanese Hospitality Industry

May 17, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Soo Kim covered some of the odder hotels and cafes that are available in Japan:

  • One hotel offers a “crying room” with cashmere soft tissues and tear-jerking movies/manga comic books.
  • Cuddle cafes allow visitors to cuddle with a female partner in bed. No sexual relations are allowed although for additional charges patrons can stare into their partner’s eyes or even stroke their face.
  • Cat, bunny, and even owl cafes let visitors pet animals for a bit.
  • One bar only serves canned food. Plastic cutlery is provided and patrons are expected to eat directly from the tins.
  • Some dessert shops attract visitors by having servers dressed in maid outfits.
  • Yet another offers dancing robots, giant pandas, and humans dressed as dinosaurs.

Read some other fascinating other examples, and how much it costs to partake, over here.

Source: The Telegraph