The Cross Border Trade In Election Consulting

March 26, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

The Economist looked at the market for cross border election consulting:

  • Expert pollsters, strategists, and media analysts are hired by candidates in large countries to help them win elections.
  • However when the home country is going through a lull in between elections these same experts market themselves to countries abroad.
  • The trade flows both ways between developed and developing countries. South American experts have helped American candidates appeal to Hispanic voters.
  • At times you can tell a lot about a candidate based on the type of experts they hire. Pro-Russian candidates in ex-Soviet countries prefer Russian consultants, while their opposition usually prefer American ones.
  • At times foreign consultants can be seen as unpatriotic – perhaps this is why Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu hinted that American forces were trying to unseat him in Israel’s most recent election.
  • What he failed to mention was that American strategists had also been hired by his party to help (successfully) win the campaign.

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Source: The Economist