The Coming Gamblification of Sports

June 5, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Las Vegas, Nevada, is finally building a stadium that will allow it to have a professional sports team. This heralds a wider era of the gamblification of sports writes Joseph Stromberg:

  • Due to previous match fixing scandals betting on sports has been banned in the United States – though loopholes exist.
  • However the craze for things like fantasy sports shows that people enjoy predicting the outcomes of sports matches – and would likely wager money on their predictions.
  • Fantasy Duel, a site that essentially allows people to bet on individual players made $57 billion in revenues last year.
  • Teams will want a piece of the action. They could do so by, for example, offering in-seat betting.
  • The stadium in Nevada may well be the first place where experiments such as this are set up.
  • As for match-fixing, proponents of legalization argue that it’ll be easier to monitor anomalous betting patterns if gambling is done on official exchanges.

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Source: Vox