People Give Up If A Video Doesn’t Load In Two Seconds

May 18, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

We’ve previously looked at how every extra second waiting at a drive-thru leads to 4 cents less in revenue for a fast food chain. According to a study covered by CBS, people value their time when waiting for videos to load pretty highly as well:

  • People’s patience with a video that is loading lasts about two seconds.
  • After that, for every additional second a video takes to load, a video loses viewers at a rate of 5.8%.
  • After ten seconds half a video’s potential audience will have given up.
  • People viewing longer videos are more forgiving, and will give a website an extra couple seconds before losing hope.
  • Meanwhile those on the fastest internet connections seem to value their time the most and aren’t even always willing to give the two seconds that other more charitable users give.

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Source: CBS