Jet Packs For Fire Fighters

November 25, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Firefighters might soon be equipped with jetpacks wrote Amy X. Wang:

  • Dubai is filled with glittering skyscrapers which can make things difficult for firefighters.
  • The government has thus signed an agreement to purchase 20 jetpacks for its firefighting force.
  • They will have a top speed of 45 mph and will climb 900 meters.
  • Thermal scanning technology will enable firefighters to identify those in need of assistance. The jet packs will also be able to carry medical equipment.
  • They should be ready by the end of 2016, and each is thought to cost around $150,000.
  • This will make a good addition to Dubai’s civil services, which also includes Lamborghini police cars.

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Source: Quartz