Investing In Divorce

August 28, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

We’ve previously written about investors investing in people dying of horrible disease. Now Leah Ward Sears and Crystal Conway wrote about the opportunity to invest in divorce:

  • In divorce cases where one spouse is far wealthier than the other, the wealthy spouse may have the funds to litigate a divorce case indefinitely, forcing the poorer spouse to accept an unfair settlement.
  • Instead companies are springing up that will fund the battle. They’ll pay the legal and forensic accounting costs required to win these battles.
  • They may even pay a stipend so that their clients can pay living expenses while they wait for the divorce case to run its course.
  • Fees are high – the company may take as much as 20% of the winnings from the divorce.
  • There’s also high selection criteria. Companies want to make sure that they only get clients with strong cases. Therefore they require that the client hasn’t engaged in acts that could hurt the case such as fraud or adultery.

Read more about the business, and its future, over here.

Source: Wealth Management