Driverless Cars Will Be Great For Sex

November 28, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

A surprising number of people have sex while they drive. Imagine what it’ll be like once they don’t even have to drive wrote Ben Guarino:

  • The Mile High Club, of members who have had sex on an airplane, got started with a man who created the pre-cursor of the autopilot. This ultimately freed him up for other activities.
  • Cars are at a similar stage of development with auto-pilot features being able to take control and drivers experimenting with sexual escapades.
  • In fact car makers seem to be adapting cars so that there are fewer knobbly bits – like gear boxes – to poke people while they do their thing.
  • The legality of the sex will be debated. If it’s done in view of a school bus full of primary schoolers then a judge will probably have something to say about it.
  • But what if it happens on a highway where everybody can watch but nobody is in danger? The law isn’t clear on this.

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Source: Inverse