Don’t Run Me Over, Bro

February 4, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Bradley Berman took a look at technologies that could help prevent motor accidents with cyclists:

  • Jaguar is using sensors embedded in the car to use lights, sounds, and a set of vibrations that feel like a tap on the shoulder to let a driver know if a bicycle is approaching.
  • The company is also looking into making the door handle vibrate if somebody is about to open the door in the path of an oncoming cyclist.
  • Volvo uses “Cyclist Detection” technology to automatically brake if a collision with a bicycle is imminent.
  • Volvo is also experimenting with analyzing data from Strava, a popular bicycle app. If an accident is predicted then both the cyclist and driver are informed through a helmet flash and a heads up display warning.
  • Ford is developing a custom sensor for bikes to analyze their pitch, yaw, and other performance statistics. It could then use this data to see where crashes most frequently take place and encourage cities to introduce bike lanes or speed limits in those areas.

Read more about the technologies you may soon see in your cars and bikes, and why they won’t be that expensive here.

Source: readwrite