Careers In The Professional Computer Gaming Industry

June 11, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Cracked covered some of the more interesting career options available in the computer gaming industry:

  • Computer Sports athletes can make incredible sums of money. Not just through winning game championships – which can be worth millions – but also through team sponsorships.
  • Sponsoring a computer game player is particularly lucrative since a lot of people who watch professional esports are players themselves and so a sponsor knows that they’re appealing to their target base.
  • But players don’t have to play professionally to make money. Those who stream their screen through services like Twitch while they’re playing can also make a load of money, as long as the way they play is entertaining.
  • Any professional sport has professional commentators that describe game action and provide pre/post-game analysis.
  • Professional teams with millions banked on them also need teem managers to ensure the players are well rested and don’t party too hard before a game.
  • Unfortunately the average person can’t necessarily take up any of these jobs. A lot of the support roles are filled by retirees from the industry – usually those around 30.

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Source: Cracked