February 21, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Writing and selling a book is a lot like launching a business wrote The Economist in an article titled “authorpreneurship”:

  • To get a book widely recognized in this day and age a bit of outside help is required. A celebrity endorsement from the likes of Oprah or Mark Zuckerberg can help.
  • So can a Hollywood film deal or a Pulitzer Prize.
  • For authors that can’t go for that kind of prestige, they can always try to get onto bestselling lists.
  • Preorders for books are usually recorded as sales during the first week that the book is published, meaning that authors may spend months drumming up interest and collecting pre-orders before the book is released or even written.
  • Smart authors can look to release their books in months when few others are released to limit the amount of competition.
  • But getting a book popular is just the first step and isn’t always that lucrative. The real money comes from the speaking engagements that a successful book can lead to.
  • In this way authors, like musicians, no longer make their money from their main product. Rather they release these to drum up interest, then cash in through public performances.

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Source: The Economist