Are Mirrors About To Be Disrupted?

February 10, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Sean Hollister believes that we’ll soon live in a world where digital screens have replaced mirrors:

  • On cars dashboard cameras can provide a much better view of what’s behind the driver than side or rear view mirrors.
  • In bathrooms a digital mirror could help men shave by zooming in on their stubble.
  • Those who apply makeup may prefer digital mirrors that can provide advice and feedback as they make adjustments.
  • Digital mirrors could show a person what they look like in different outfits before they put them on.
  • Also? We’re all just sort of used to it, but real mirrors reverse everything when we look at them. Future generations may find that unacceptable as digital mirrors will be able to eliminate the effect.

See some photos that show why cameras are superior to mirrors, and read other parts of the argument here.

Source: Gizmodo