An App To Figure Out How Many Cows Your Future Wife Is Worth

February 2, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Franz Wild wrote about an app developed in South Africa to identify a potential mate’s “Lobola” –the gift that a man’s family offers a woman’s family in exchange for the woman’s hand in marriage, traditionally paid in cattle:

  • The app takes into account the woman’s age, height, weight, waist, attractiveness, education, career, and marital history.
  • It then calculates the number of cows that should be offered and can go onto convert that amount into dollars, pounds, and euros.
  • The app has found that women in Lesotho and Swaziland have the highest average Lobola values with the typical woman being worth 12 cows.
  • The lowest average value is in South Africa’s Northern Cape province with the typical woman being worth 5 cows.
  • The app is meant to be playful, but some have suggested that it needs to take other factors into account such as cooking skills and alcohol intake.

Read about the developer who created the app, the exchange rate of cows to rand, and more over here.

Source: Bloomberg