A Cat That Earned 8 Million Dollars

July 11, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

A cat got an obituary in The Economist. Once you read her achievements, you’ll kinda sorta agree with the decision:

  • Tama-chan (“Little Treasure”) was a calico cat – a type particularly popular in Japan.
  • She soon moved to a small train station that was losing $4 million a year. As there was no money to hire employees the cat was appointed the stationmaster.
  • She wore the specially made hat she got, and the stationmaster’s badge with pride. Over the years as she became more successful she even got her own office.
  • She earned her keep by rubbing against passengers’ legs. Her fame spread and soon traffic to the station massively increased as people stopped by to be blessed by her.
  • All in all she is thought to have earned $8 million (at today’s exchange rate) for the local economy.
  • As an employee of a Japanese company her rank rose as she aged, and she was the first female operating officer to be recognized at her company.
  • She ended as a Vice President within the company. Her funeral was held at the station and was attended by thousands.

Read about Tama-chan’s approach to life, her deification, and more over here.

Source: The Economist