Who Loves Airline Food!?

September 23, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Hate airline food? Well here’s an incredible opportunity to have it every week! Raymond Kollau wrote:

  • While economy class fare is usually pretty drab, business class food isn’t too bad.
  • Which is why a grocery store has teamed up with the kitchen that provides Lufthansa passengers with their in-flight meals, to offer a subscription service where people can get a business class airline meal once a week.
  • The meals can be heated up whenever an individual wants, and is a healthier alternative than fast food for many professionals.
  • This also allows the kitchen that makes the dinners to get rid of excess meals without creating waste.
  • If people end up liking the food, it could also encourage more passengers to travel on Lufthansa.
  • The subscription service costs £9.99 for one meal a week.

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Source: Springwise