What Does Apple’s Watch Mean For Swiss Watchmakers?

September 16, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Apple launched its version of a wearable watch last week. The Economist took a look at what this means for watchmakers:

  • Apple is confident that it’s about to upend the watch business. Apple’s design chief has boasted about the trouble that the Swiss are in.
  • Watchmakers themselves don’t seem worried. Wrists are prime real estate, especially for men where watches essentially serve as the only socially acceptable form of jewelry.
  • The Apple watch lacks the style of traditional watches. Watchmakers point out that the first Apple watch will be obsolete in a year, while watchmakers sell “eternity in a box”.
  • In fact, the Apple Watch may even be a boon to watchmakers as it may get the young more used to wearing watches.
  • And Apple customers might be too low class for establishment players to target anyway. Watches costing less than $500 make up just 6% of revenues in the industry.

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Source: The Economist