What Dating Sites Tells Us About Ourselves

October 1, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Christian Rudder, a co-founder of OkCupid, wrote about what the site has learnt about love:

Up until the age of 30 women prefer men who are slightly older than them. After that they prefer men who are slightly younger.

  • Overall though women typically want a man around the same age as them. Men, on the other hand, prefer twenty year olds no matter how old they are.
  • White people like to talk about their hair.
  • The relationship between a woman’s attractiveness, and the amount of interest people show in her profile, operates on the exponential Richter scale. The difference between a 1.0 and a 2.0 in terms of beauty is small, but the difference between a 9.0 and a 10.0 is cataclysmic.
  • Three quarters of all successful couples agree that they either like or dislike horror movies. About as often as they agree on the existence of God.

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Source: The Guardian