The Misguided Anger Against First Class

May 30, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Individuals have increasingly been criticizing the amount of luxury lavished on passengers of First Class – at the expense of those in Economy. The Economist argued that we only have ourselves to blame.

  • Airlines would like nothing more to offer – and charge for – than a better experience in Economy Class.
  • Yet passengers always pick the carriers with the lowest fares.
  • These are, unsurprisingly, the airlines that strip all the bells and whistles from flying.
  • Travelers then complain about their flying experience – but they’re only getting what they pay for.
  • If passengers put their money where their mouth is and stop rewarding the worst airlines with their dollars, perhaps we could all fly in greater comfort.

Read more about the airlines that offer a better flying experience (and how badly they’re doing financially) over here.

Source: The Economist