The History Of The Dog Biscuit

August 4, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Dashka Slater delved into the history of dog biscuits:

  • In 1860 an in Ohioan noticed that stray dogs loved chowing down on the dry biscuits that sailors consumed on long voyages.
  • Soon the man started packaging and selling them. At each 50 pound bag costing a day’s wages they were an upmarket product aimed at the wealthy.
  • They’ve played a part in a murder mystery. In 1902 a prizewinning show dog was assassinated by what is widely believed to be a poison laced dog biscuit.
  • The treats became bone shaped after another American inventor had trouble getting his pooch to eat a milk based version in 1907. He realized that shaping them as bones was all it took to convince the dog to try them.
  • These days dog biscuits are a $2.6 billion a year market.
  • Like human food they’ve also become loaded with more and more calories – over 50% of all American dogs are now thought to be obese.

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Source: The New York Times