The Economics Of Hot Pockets

October 23, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Sales of hot pockets are nose-diving. The excellent Venessa Wong looked at what went wrong:

  • In a time of increasing health consciousness consumers are turning away from the pastries famous for the gooey mix of meat and cheese within.
  • In response the makers of hot pockets tried to rebrand the product emphasizing the ‘premium’ cuts of meat and ‘real’ cheese contained within. It hasn’t worked.
  • A beef recall further dented the product’s reputation.
  • One of the biggest factors affecting sales however might be the expiration of extended food stamp benefits.
  • The frozen pockets are fairly economical, with each one costing less than a dollar, making them popular with lower income individuals.’
  • Hot pockets aren’t the only food affected. The expiration of federal subsidies is changing the supermarket landscape.

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Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek