Robot Security Guards

November 16, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

This is how it begins. Robot security guards may well soon be guarding our nuclear facilities. Soon Skynet will have everything in place…Rachel Metz wrote:

  • Knightscope is a startup that is building a security robot called K5.
  • The robocops are equipped with four cameras, license plate recognition ability, microphones, and a weather sensor that can monitor things such as carbon dioxide levels and ambient temperature.
  • If they detect anomalous behaviour like somebody walking when or where they shouldn’t, it’ll let a remote security hub know.
  • Its battery lasts a day, and the system is set to automatically recharge itself when required.
  • While K5 isn’t armed, if somebody tries to detain it it’ll sound an ear-piercing alarm that will perhaps dissuade the assailant and alert human security to the problem.
  • If a victim needs help they can tap the top of the robot to alert emergency personnel.
  • There are several use cases for K5. It could be an escort on demand service for people on college campuses.
  • Knightscope plans to charge $6.25 an hour for the robot’s services, or, roughly half the hourly wages that guards currently earn, in a bid to compete against them.

Read about the drone, how it works, why it’s still far from prime time, and more over here.

Source: MIT Technology Review