Luxury RVs

May 8, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Jessica Festa delver into the world of luxury RVs for the super-rich:

  • RVs unlike private jets have the advantage of being able to take you to your destination door-to-door.
  • A “base” model 1.4 million dollar luxury RV comes with 10 flat screen TVs, a personal bar, and a luxury spa.
  • Extras such as a fireplace cost extra.
  • For $2.4 million you can get heated hardwood floors, a pop-out patio with a grill and fridge, and a “home” cinema.
  • If you’re rich enough to buy one of these things then you’re probably not going to be driving yourself around. Companies that sell such behemoths also help provide certified drivers.
  • These vehicles only get about 6-8 miles on the gallon although gas prices are hardly your biggest budgetary concern when it comes to deciding if you want one of them.

See the photos of what the interiors of these beasts look like, find out what an even more expensive RV will get you, and read which celebrities currently own some of them over here.

Source: Details