How Online Ordering Makes You Eat More

May 7, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Neal Ungerleider wrote about the benefits that restaurants derive from people ordering food online:

  • Online and touchscreen menus can more effectively steer customers to ordering add-on items such as extra sauces and cheeses boosting sales.
  • A typical menu can’t show all the possible combinations for each dish the way that an online menu can.
  • Online menus also take away from the social stigma of ordering combinations that others might find weird.
  • An online menu makes customers aware of offerings that they didn’t know the restaurant had. While calling a pizza joint a typical customer might order a large cheese pizza and a drink. When ordering online they might see that the eatery also had a wide range of deserts and consider those.
  • Dining locations, for their part, can better track sales, customer preferences, and inventory levels through online orders.

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Source: Fast Company