Hotels Are Taking The Airline Approach To Fees

November 18, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Mini-bars: the epitome of everything that is wrong with the travel experience? Or the model that should really define it? Scott Mayerowitz writes that hotels seem to have concluded it is the latter:

  • Hotels are now charging for things such as guaranteeing that you get a King sized bed (or two Queen sized ones), or for early check in.
  • Receiving a package can add fees as can storing luggage in the lobby.
  • Hotels make $2.25 billion in such fees, just 2% of revenue, but it’s basically pure profit.
  • Resorts have even found a way to make minibars worse. In addition to charging you $5 for a coke, they may charge you a 20% “administrative fee” for using the service.
  • Being smart and buying your own snacks to store in the fridge? You may well be charged for that as well.
  • And overpriced snacks are no longer limited to a hidden cupboard. They’ll be strewn about the desks and drawers to tempt you.

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Source: Yahoo