Crowd Sourcing Dating

February 17, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Chris Gayomali wrote about a new app that could aid your dating life…or foretell the end of society and civilization as we know it:

  • Crowdpilot turns on a phone’s microphone and allows a community of users to listen in on your date.
  • The users can be your Facebook friends or random strangers and they offer advice based on the progress of the date.
  • Advice might include “you’re talking about yourself too much” or “you’re eating too quickly”.
  • Supporters point out that people often ask each other for dating related advice. This just makes the feedback more instant.
  • Critics argue that it’s another step towards a society where people are always glued to their phones and are unable to talk with new people.
  • Users of the app are advised to inform their date that the date is being monitored and projected over the internet.

Read more about the app, how it works, the value of the advice, and if you should get it over here.

Source: Fast Company

Via: Marginal Revolution