Craft Brewers Are Making Beer Cans Popular Again

November 19, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Bottled beers were long associated with class and sophistication while cans were best left to the lower masses. This is no longer true writes Svati Kirsten Narula:

  • Consumption of canned beers first rose during the depths of the financial panic as incomes dropped.
  • Since then however craft brewers have driven the popularity of canned beers. Brewers like them because cans don’t let any light in or oxygen out, preserving the concoction.
  • There used to be concerns about a metallic taste back when cans were made of tin and lead. Modern aluminum cans with water based polymer linings no longer have that issue.
  • Cans are also more convenient: they are more often recycled, can be taken to venues such as sporting events where glass is banned, and are easier to manufacture.

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Source: Quartz