A/B Testing Lingerie

December 10, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

A/B testing is the practice of presenting a different web experience to a proportion of customers. If the customers who see that altered experience are shown to be more lucrative ones – by, for example, spending more money on the site – then more customers are shown that new web experience. It is commonly used by tech companies to improve the user experience, and was even used during Obama’s presidential campaign to increase donations.

Now a lingerie company is using those principles wrote Rebecca Greenfield:

  • Adore Me uses A/B testing for each of its lingerie products to maximize sales.
  • It has found that brunette models are more likely to sell lingerie than blondes.
  • Buyers are more likely to purchase something if models have their hands around their head, perhaps playing with their hair, rather than on their hip. This can double sales.
  • Props can distract from the product, although couches are okay.
  • The company has found that it can raise prices on items modelled by its most popular models without seeing a drop in sales.

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Source: Fast Company