Why Only White People Hike

September 12, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Search for an image of hikers and they’re invariably white points out Ryan Kearney. Why?

  • You’d think hiking would be cheap, but it’s actually pretty expensive and minorities are usually poorer than white Americans. Backpacks and tents cost a lot and people have to fly or drive to their hiking destination.
  • Not to mention the time costs. If you’re working two jobs you probably don’t have the time to explore the wilderness.
  • For rich minority individuals camping might remind them too much of a difficult past that they were lucky to escape. Their idea of vacation thus involves relaxing at a seaside resort.
  • The Outdoor Industry Association, for its part, is somewhat concerned about the lack of minority groups who enjoy the outdoors since they’re making up an increasing share of the population.

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Source: The New Republic