…Why Gas Stations Could Have The Best Food Around…

September 29, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Believe it or not Michael S. Rosenwald writes that gas stations are starting to sell food that rivals that of many restaurants:

  • While gas accounts for 72% of cash flow, it only creates 35% of profit at gas stations.
  • In order to discourage customers from paying at the pump, and instead coming into the store where higher value products are sold, gas station owners are investing in restaurants that make high quality food.
  • Restaurant owners for their part are attracted to the guaranteed food traffic (most stations see 1,100 customers a day) and low startup costs.
  • In the future there might even be a successful chain of gas station restaurant franchises at pumps across America.

Read more about the role that food trucks played in the trend, why ethnic food is often served, and what the best examples are over here.

Source: The Washington Post

Via: Marginal Revolution