Why Electric Cars Can Be Worse For The Environment

April 14, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Andrew Bomford writes that in general electric cars actually end up being worse for the environment than conventional ones. Here’s why:

  • Electric cars require twice as much energy as conventional cars to manufacture.
  • The source of energy that electric cars use to recharge their batteries can also be just as polluting as those of regular cars.
  • When these two factors are taken together, it is likely that an electric car bought today will be worse for the environment than a conventional one.
  • However this is changing. As demand for electric cars expands, the process of building them will become more efficient and less energy intensive.
  • Countries are also increasingly using renewables to supply their electricity needs, and this too will lessen the impact that electric cars have on the environment.

Read more about the methodology of the study that outlined the pollution impact of electric cars, as well as the countries where electric cars are best for the environment over here.

Source: BBC