Tooth Fairy Inflation

August 31, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

The tooth fairy appears to be dealing with runaway inflation writes Chris Taylor:

  • According to one study the tooth fairy now gives out an average of $3.70 per tooth – up 23% from last year and 43% from two years ago.
  • This comes out to $74 for a full set of baby teeth.
  • 6% of children get more than $20 a tooth and 2% of children get $50 or more for one tooth.
  • The fairy seems to leave the most money for children who have young parents between the ages of 18-24. Those children can expect almost $5.00 a tooth.
  • Those who live in the North East of the United States can expect $4.10 a tooth.
  • Some parents have gone as far as to buy their children special tooth fairy pillows and boxes in preparation for a visit by the fairy.
  • Visa, the company that ran the survey, has come up with an app that shows how much money a child can expect taking into account the region, income, education, and age of the parents.

Read more about why the fairy might, perhaps, need some parenting lessons, how this might negatively affect children, and some potentially better alternatives over here.

Source: Reuters