The Rise Of Female Bartenders

March 27, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Just ten years ago up to 85% of nightclub bartenders were male. Today 60% of them are female writes Ann McGinley. What explains the change?

  • Nightclubs became sexier. These days they have “pleasure pits” and topless “European” pools.
  • Female bartenders are a part of their experience. With professional hair and makeup they are more akin to models than bartenders.
  • Customers are also less irritated at the prospect of waiting in a long line if they’re ultimately served by a female.
  • This also explains why female card dealers are more common. Some even sing and dance on stage to entertain after they’re done dealing.
  • All in all it appears to be a positive development for women. Before they were limited to working as cocktail servers and while the money was lucrative – $100,000 a year – the job itself was demeaning and involved a lot of groping. Bartenders make less money but have more prestige.

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Source: Slate