The Problem With The PlayStation 4

February 22, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Sony recently unveiled its next generation console and the event has drawn a fair amount of criticism for failing to show what the device will look like. Russell Brandom wrote that there’s something far more important that Sony was missing: women.

  • Sony’s event lasted more than two hours and involved 20 different speakers. Not one of them was female.
  • It’s not just Sony. There weren’t any women during the launch of the Wii U, HTC’s phones, or anything that Apple has ever released in recent times.
  • The problem runs deep – only 11% of employees in the game industry are female.
  • Yet women make up almost half of all gamers.
  • The industry is continuing to alienate women by abusing those who play games online or releasing ads like this.
  • If women were given a chance to truly shape the industry it’s likely that they would make new types of interesting and enjoyable games that the male dominated industry has yet to consider.
  • There is some hope. Microsoft is expected to release the next version of its Xbox soon, and the Xbox development team has a high proportion of females.

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Source: The Verge