The Mall With An Airport Attached

August 19, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

London’s Heathrow airport could be thought of as a mall with an airport attached wrote The Economist in an article that looked at how shops had adapted to selling at the airport:

  • All restaurants have dishes for which the wait is guaranteed to be less than 15 minutes for travelers trying to catch a tight connection.
  • Clothing retailers put grab and go items such as ties close to the entrance.
  • “Heathrow Ambassadors” can take you from one terminal to another if you’re unable to find the items of your desire in your own terminal.
  • Standard shops are located in the areas where economy class passengers embark and disembark. High end brands are located near the First and Business class passengers.
  • Shoppers are legally required to produce their boarding pass when purchasing something. This provides shops with a wealth of data that allows them to identify which types of travelers like to purchase which items.
  • Japanese passengers, for example, like expensive wine. Middle Eastern and Russian customers like sparkly jewelry.

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Source: The Economist