The Latest Innovation In Chocolate

July 25, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Corby Kummer wrote about a big innovation driven by a company that makes small chocolates:

  • Chocolate is made of cacao beans and the taste of the chocolate is most affected by when it is harvested and processed.
  • Tcho provides cacao farmers with the technology to make small amounts of chocolate for themselves and taste it. That way they can see whether or not a particular time is the best time to harvest the bean.
  • Making chocolate is hard. Many farmers will never have tasted chocolate from their own beans (or indeed chocolate at all) and so by giving farmers this technology Tcho empowers them to produce quality beans.
  • This is important to Tcho because it is focused on making pure, quality chocolate. Its product is made of nothing but chocolate, eschewing ingredients that distract such as nuts.

Read more about Tcho’s PureNotes, what the different varieties taste like, and how chocolate is made over here.

Source: MIT Technology Review