The History Of Cheerleading

January 1, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Cheerleaders are an ubiquitous part of American sport. But their history would likely surprise most Americans writes Lisa Wade:

  • Cheerleading started off as an activity pursued exclusively by men. American Presidents Eisenhower, Roosevelt, and Reagan were all cheerleaders.
  • However after men went to fight World War One, women started to take up the activity.
  • When the war ended, colleges tried to prevent women from staying on as cheerleaders – some even banned them because it was too masculine a sport.
  • However, after World War Two, women had come to dominate the activity.
  • The ideal cheerleader was “no longer a strong athlete with leadership skills” rather they were cute and effeminate, causing men to bow out of the activity.
  • In the modern day gender norms have evolved a little so that cheer-leading once again requires extraordinary amounts of athleticism and skill. But it continues to be something practiced exclusively by women.

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Source: The Society Pages