The Economics Of Spring Break

March 20, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Spring break is more than just a week long holiday. It has become an entire industry writes Allie Conti:

  • Sites like StudentCity offer spring break packages that include up to 12 hours a day of free drinking in exotic locales with famous DJs.
  • Some of these packages cost more than a semester’s worth of tuition.
  • While the internet has heralded the end of most travel agencies, the spring break travel industry has thrived.
  • This might be in part because students are spending their parents’ money – not their own. The upper-middle class kids might also not know how to deal with unstructured free time – needing the organization of travel packages to schedule their vacation.
  • The companies for their part keep staff on-site to refer intoxicated partyers to local officials.

Read more about the embodiment of spring break who runs one of the companies, other companies in the market, and why the companies hope to avoid attracting GDIs over here.

Source: Vice