The Economics Of Guantanamo Bay

May 4, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

David Alexander looked at the numbers behind Guantanamo Bay:

  • The prison costs $150 million a year to operate – or $900,000 per prisoner.
  • That means that every prisoner at Guantanamo costs 30 times more than the $30,000 that the average American prisoner costs.
  • The high cost is due in part to the prison’s remote location. Everything has to be flown in including judges and the media during trials.
  • Until recently administrators didn’t even reveal how much the prison cost. One expert suggests that in eleven years of operation the prison has cost up to $2 billion.
  • Unless the prison is closed soon it will get a whole lot more expensive. Urgent investments of $170 million are needed to upgrade the living facilities of American troops overseeing the prisoners.

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Source: Reuters