The Economics Of Fantasy Sports

September 22, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Lisa Chow wrote about fantasy economics:

  • In 2012 people paid $1.7 billion to play in fantasy leagues. This has led to an entire fantasy-league industry.
  • One company allows players to purchase real insurance products. If an individual is in a $100 league, then they can pay $10 – and if their star player goes down then the insurance company pays out the full $100.
  • There are also mediators who will resolve disputes between fantasy league players for $14.95.
  • LeagueSafe, a company that holds entry fees and manages payouts for leagues is an entire business with eight employees. They don’t charge any money for their services – they simply invest the cash they hold during the fantasy season.
  • Fantasy sport companies have done so well they’ve banded together to create their own lobbying group.

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Source: NPR