The Economics Of Daily Ebook Deals

May 28, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Julie Bosman looked at how daily deals are transforming the e-book industry:

  • Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deal and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Daily Find cut the price of ebooks to a fraction of their standard price for a limited period – usually 24 hours.
  • In one case a book that sold less than one copy a day saw more than 10,000 sold over the 24 hours in which it became a ‘daily deal’.
  • For authors and publishers having a book featured on the list can be like winning the lottery – not only because of the windfall in sales, but also because there is a halo effect where readers buy other (full price) books from the author. And even after the daily deal is over, the book’s sales stay above average for a while.
  • Some in the industry though fear that by discounting books too much and too often, consumers will have unrealistic expectations of what a book should cost.
  • As brick and mortar book stores disappear daily deals will become an important way for readers to find good books to read.

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Source: The New York Times