The Economics Of Athlete Endorsements

October 8, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Mary MacVean wrote about sporting celebrities and the products they endorse:

  • Of the over 500 brands that the top 100 athletes endorsed, around a quarter were food and beverage products.
  • 80% of the food products were “energy-dense and nutrient-poor”.
  • 93% of the beverages got all their calories from added sugar.
  • Of the brands, sports beverages were the largest category of endorsed products. They were followed by soft drinks and fast food.
  • Serena Williams, a tennis player, was the worst among all athletes measured in terms of overall nutrition of brands endorsed.
  • Yet stars continue to do this due to the lucrative rewards on offer. Kobe Bryant is estimated to have earned $12 million a year from McDonald’s.

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Source: Los Angeles Times