The Economics Of Adoption And Race

July 7, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

When adopting a child, you may well be presented with various options priced at different levels writes NPR:

  • The laws of supply and demand mean that Africa-American children are easier to adopt than biracial, Latino, Asian or Caucasian children.
  • Adopting an African-American child, for example, would cost one family $18,000. A Caucasian child would have cost $35,000.
  • Those who set the prices are classifying based on race for altruistic reasons. It is harder to place non-Caucasian children with families, and so the hope is that by setting a lower price, the child is more likely to find a family.

Read more about how some states are moving away from race-based pricing, the experience of adopting for one family, and more over here.

Source: NPR

Via: Freakonomics