Restaurants And GDP

May 2, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Wondering which country you should invest your money it in? Mull it over lunch writes Adam Pasick. It’s more useful than you’d think:

  • According to the list of best restaurants in the world Europe is stagnant – Danish and UK restaurants both dropped in the rankings.
  • Asia and Latin America are rising – Mexico, Thailand, and Peru are some of the emerging markets that are rapidly rising in the list.
  • The United States has an uncertain outlook – it has the most restaurants on the list, but they’re losing ground.
  • Japan is showing nascent signs of growth – both restaurants inched up the list.
  • The list of best restaurants doesn’t completely track the economy. Belgium’s and Italy’s restaurants are doing well, though their economies aren’t. India, Turkey, and Canada aren’t on the list at all.
  • The best restaurants cater to elite customers – and as the developing world grows and gives rise to a new elite expect restaurants to pop up to serve their dining needs.

See which countries have the most restaurants in the list, how the list of best restaurants compares to the list of billionaires by country, and read more about the trends over here.

Source: Quartz