Outrageous Projects Currently Being Funded By Billionaires

August 22, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Cracked took a look at some of the more eccentric projects that billionaires are currently funding:

  • Peter Thiel, the creator of PayPal, wants to build micro-nations in the oceans built on floating platforms that could move around to different parts of the ocean.
  • Clive Palmer is looking to build an actual Jurassic Park. He doesn’t have the technology to clone real dinosaurs, but his park would have life sized animatronic replicas. Over 100 dinosaurs have been ordered.
  • Dmitry Itskov thinks that by 2045 humans could be immortal by downloading brains into computers. The ultimate goal is to create holographic representations of our former selves.

Check out the full list over here.

Source: Cracked