How Will Ramadan Affect The Egyptian Protests?

July 11, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Protests over the coup/revolution in Egypt continue, even as Ramadan – a lunar month where Muslims fast from dawn to dusk – begins. Edmund Sanders looked at how this might affect the protests:

  • The Egyptian military is hoping that protesters will find it hard to demonstrate as their energy wanes during the day.
  • However many of the protesters feel that the holiday gives their protests an even deeper religious meaning. They are now sacrificing food for their country.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to create a festive atmosphere in the areas where the protests are being held by laying carpets and planning moonlit soccer matches.
  • Charities will also offer free food to the protesters after dusk, to ensure that the protests continue.
  • It is possible that both the protesters and the military will be less violent as Ramadan is a month of charity and equality.
  • Yet if one side perceives the other as acting against this festive spirit, it’s likely that this will add to the tensions between the protesters and the military.
  • Fasting might also make the protesters and the soldiers more irritable, and thus violent.

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Source: LA Times