How Movie Theaters Have Changed

August 14, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Kara Kovalchik wrote about 11 Things We No Longer See in Movie Theaters. Highlights include:

  • Cry rooms. In the past theaters would offer a special soundproofed room with a clear glass window so that parents could take their crying children to a place where they wouldn’t disturb other moviegoers, while still allowing the parents to enjoy the movie.
  • Double features. Back in the day audiences would be outraged at the idea of seeing only one movie. A ticket bought you admission to two movies – the headliner, and then an older or less well-received film.
  • Newsreels. Before the age of widely available television, footage of major news events would be shown in movie theaters.
  • Ashtrays. Cup holders are a relatively recent feature of theaters, having first become popular in the late 1960s, and still not available in older cinema halls. But every seat did once have an ashtray.
  • Dish Night. In a bid to draw audiences when money was tight during the great depression, theaters would give away dishware such as coffee cups or dinner plates once a week.

Find the entire list over here.

Source: Mental Floss