Hotels With Bubble Bath Concierges

October 19, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Room service may be coming to an end but the age of the specialty concierge is upon us writes Catey Hill:

  • High end hotels are offering specialized ‘concierges’ or butlers who attend to select requests.
  • A bubble bath concierge works with you to select the right combination of salts, oils, and scents to make the perfect 104 degree bubble bath.
  • A soap concierge shows up with an assorted variety of giant soap blocks. They include soaps that are made locally and those infused with things such as chocolate and lavender. The concierge will then slice off a piece of your desired soap and give it to you.
  • Fragrance butlers show up with a platter of the top perfumes.
  • A hangover concierge (or “recovery” concierge) helps you recover from a hangover through massages, fresh fruit, or Bloody Marys.
  • A romance concierge helps arrange moonlit beach dinners, and serenaded sunset cruises.

Read more about the types of concierges that hotels are beginning to offer, where you can find them, what they cost, and how much you should tip over here.

Source: MarketWatch