Gifts To The United States

April 27, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

When the President of the United State meets with a foreign leader, the President normally receives a gift that must be recoded and catalogued writes Brian Fung. Here are some of the more interesting things about the gifts Barack Obama received in 2011:

  • France’s Nicolas Sarkozy was the most frequent gift-giver with 16 gifts to the United States in 2011.
  • Yet in terms of overall value of all gifts, France’s $42,000 in gifts paled in comparison to Brazil and Gabon.
  • Brazil enjoys giving the President rare soccer jerseys.
  • Gabon’s Ali Bongo Ondimba has only given one gift to the President of the United States but the 14″ blue mark sculpture is worth $52,69 – 25% more than the value of France’s 16 gifts combined.

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Source: National Journal